Monday, December 8, 2014

Push to Start

Hello All!

So, last week I didn't really get too much done, with everything that I've been doing lately, however, given some time to work on this project in class, I did manage to cross somethings off of my To-Do List.

I've most recently started making To-Do Lists thanks to a kind speaker who spoke to our class about doing big projects, following your dreams, doing what you love, etc.. She mentioned how sometimes the ways that she makes sure to get certain things done and to keep focused is to make a To-Do List. I use an app called Any.Do. It's supposed to help keep you organized and motivated, which it does in deed. I do recommend! I will link a video and the app itself down below.

On my list I have managed to cross off 1 action of the many. It's very frustrating to see myself not excel as much as I'd hope to. I always think about my previous blog post on finding the time and putting forth the effort to actually make these plans and my ideas come to life, but each time I think about that blog post, I draw myself right back out by saying, "Well while you think about this, you could be doing that."

I'm a big second-guesser. I second guess myself in sports, in choir, ON TESTS, and with big projects like this. Sometimes I just wish that I'd chosen something easier, like becoming a YouTuber. I mean I've always wanted to, but I wasn't ballsy enough to do it.

Then again, life isn't about being ballsy or having guts, you know? It's mainly about interpretation and doing things that are easier said than done.

I could find being a YouTuber very challenging, while someone else may look at it as talking to a camera for 15 minutes and editing things down into 5. It's all based off of how you see things. Interpretation.

The way I construe things when it comes to this project is: Success or Failure. I don't believe there is an in-between. Either everyone is going to love it and ask for it to come back next year or everyone is going to watch it (and me) fall flat on the ground without any regards.

This project is like a car that you have to push the button to start. In order for me to getting my engines going and to take off full speed, I need to push to start.

Push myself to try harder, find the time, and work things out. Cross that next step off my list and get to work.

I will go past the (speed) limit and excel, I will finish this list, and I will succeed.

Until next time!



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